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International Baccalaureate in Nova Scotia

Anna Whalen's Art Class

"Extraordinary happens when potential from a variety of areas,(are) put together and that synergy lifts an experience into something bigger." - Anna Whalen, IB Art

Annie paints

"It's more than just basically painting and saying this is my painting."- Annie, IB student


"...there's a lot of work you have to do, but I think I'm up to it. It's always good to have a challenge." - Annie, IB student

Evelyn boxing

"'s about the whole person....through the CAS program, it validates the extra-curricular life of a student." - Heather Michael, IB TOK teacher

A student's presentation

"It was extremely useful to write well, to communicate, (and to) know how to find out what was important or what was key." - Heather Michael, IB TOK teacher

In class

"The program encourages being one's best self." - Heather Michael, IB TOK teacher

Heather Michael and Evelyn

"We spend a lot of time talking about how all knowledge is building towards multiple truths." - Heather Michael, IB TOK teacher

Jason in art class

"Every course is as demanding as the also have to manage the work load - a really valuable skill." - Jason, IB student

Jason in English class

"It's gives them choice within the assessment to be creative." - Liane Downie, IB English teacher

Liane Downie, IB English teacher

"I love literature. I love conveying that information or sharing it with students and seeing that moment of realization when they get it." - Liane Downie, IB English

Olivia tutors

"The bigger concept of internationalism...there are multiple points of view." - Heather Michael, IB TOK teacher


"It's really about what you really want to do." - Olivia, IB student


"We have a lot of students who are gifted and talented in a lot of areas." - Janet Beaton, IB Co-ordinator


"It demands you study...Canada...Europe...Africa...Asia. For me, I needed that international aspect to suit what I wanted to debate." - Sheldon, IB student

Physics Lab

"They have to be able to take a new problem and relate it to something they know and extend on it." - Steve Greer, IB Physics teacher

Wesley does math homework

"We have room to grow and explore and to just really grow intellectually and as students." - Wesley, IB student


"There's a lot more freedom really in classes for discussion and for exploring new avenues." - Wesley, IB student

IB Diploma Program

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is a comprehensive two-year program that is delivered using an internationally standardized curriculum that includes rigorous common examinations marked by trained examiners from around the world.

It is intended for any student who is motivated, capable of success in high school academics and committed to putting in the necessary effort.

The IB Program is structured to provide unique learning experiences and develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of learners with diverse interests and aspirations.

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Facts & Opinions

“We view IB students as well prepared to succeed at university, and like many of our counterparts across Canada, we want to position ourselves as the university of choice for IB Diploma graduates.” Asa Kachan - Registrar, Dalhousie University
Nova Scotia universities give IB graduates university credits based on their grades.
IB Diploma students write common examinations. Because these examinations are standardized throughout the world, IB Diploma graduates enjoy excellent university recognition world-wide.
There are currently 152 public schools in Canada that offer the IB Diploma Program.
The mission of the IB Diploma Program is “to develop knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world”.
In Nova Scotia all IB Diploma schools have open admission.  
"What do IB Diploma Program scores tell us? Our research into student performance at UBC indicates that IB students with diploma scores in the 27 to 30 point range perform the same as straight-A students out of our provincial high school curriculum." - Michael Bluhm, Associate Director, undergraduate admissions, University of British Columbia.
An IB education prepares learners to engage with global challenges through inquiry, action and reflection.
An IB education creates learning communities in which students can increase their understanding of language and culture, which can help them to become more globally engaged.
The IBDP helps to prepare learners to engage with global challenges through inquiry, action and reflection.
All United World Colleges offer the IB as curriculum.
"Diploma Program students are well-rounded, multifacted, multiskillled and have studied in depth. They have good time-management skills. They score higher than students in other national systems, and the IB score is worldwide the same measure." - Hrilina Lock, undergrad admissions, London School of Economics

IB Diploma Achievement Percentages

Year Nova Scotia Students Globally
2020 84% 85%
2019 78% 68.6%
2018 79% 69.5%
2017 81% 78.4%
2016 84% 79.3%
2015 78% 80.8%
Two Canadian universities, University of Toronto and University of British Columbia receive the largest number of IB applicants in North America.

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